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Value BasedYes, we can.

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What Can We Do To Provide Value Based Services

Value-based healthcare is the equitable, sustainable and transparent use of the available resources to achieve better outcomes and experiences for every person – How do healthcare providers achieve this?

Healthcare delivery is rapidly evolving from Fee-for-service to global risk and value-based models.

At Global Value-Based you will find the best guidance to have a successful path to your business. We develop a value-based culture.

Global Value Based has specific programs designed to drive better quality of care and outstanding financial results

Our programs are available to:


Solo practitioners


Physicians Groups


Managed Services Organizations


Accountable Care Organizations


Insurance Companies and Payers


Our goal

Delivery Excellence

Global Value-Based brings forward Administrative, Clinical, Quality and Comprehensive Population Health programs that can guide healthcare providers transform and prepare their business for the “future of healthcare”.

Available Programs

Practice Administration

• Clinical Practice Administration package
• Clinical Workflows
• Compliance with AHCA regulations
• Policies and Procedures
• Credentialing Services

Regulatory and Compliance

• Basic Compliance Plan for Physician’s groups
• HIPAA – OSHA – Code of Ethics training
• Compliance Plan
• Compliance Officer training
• HIPAA Officer training
• Physician’s training
o Clinical Documentation
o Fraud Waste and Abuse

Population Health

• Case Management
• Risk Adjustment – HCC Coding
• Star Rating and HEDIS performance
• Utilization Management
• Managed Care training for healthcare providers
• High risk population CCM programs
• Disease Management programs

Accreditation and Recognition

Patient Centered Medical Home Recognition consulting and practice transformation